Saturday, June 30, 2007


PHEW!!!! My AAMC apps are in! Now I gotta take care of Texas schools. Darn their own app system. At least I don't have to fill out secondaries for the Texas schools. =D

Friday, June 8, 2007

Justine's Last Day

It was Justine's last day and we celebrated her future job at a nearby Thai restaurant, Brown Sugar. Everyone in the medical area is crazy about this place. I brought my camera to take pictures, but I totally forgot until the end of the meal. Fortunately, I did remember in time to take pictures of giant goldfish they have in the restaurant.

And here's a quarter for size reference.

OUR LAB (From left to right, top to bottom: JiHye, Suzanne, Justine, Wendy, Me, and Songhua):

Her parting gifts (wrapped by Wendy):

Pretty creative with the fork, huh?

Artsy Card

Alas, a coworker of mine has found a new and exciting job. Her last day was today, so I decided to make a card for her last weekend, but I needed more supplies. So I found this awesome store called Paper Source, which is like a 10 minute walk away from my apartment. When I walked in, I was like kid in a candy store. There were so many card stock colors, wrapping paper, card making tools, book binding stuff, tissue flowers galore! After cleaning up my drool, I finally bought a couple sheets of paper, fushia and orange, my co-worker's favorite colors. Below are the materials I used: Special paper, card stock, an exacto knife, a sharpie, thread, and a needle.

I initally tried to use my exacto knife to cut the flocked fushia paper (flocked paper feels like the fuzzy stickers you might have collected as a child), but I wouldn't recommend it because the paper is kind of fabricky and is easier to cut with small sharp scissors. After I cut out my designs, I sewed around the edges of the shiny orange paper and the inside of the card to give it a finished look. And voila!

(I have more views on my web album.)

ScOoPeR bOwL!!!

It only comes around once a year...the Scooper Bowl!!! Pay seven bucks and it's all-you-can-eat ice cream! Vendors with at least three different flavors. And all the money goes to cancer research. =)

Look at all the people in line for the ice cream buffet!

A few big names were there, Ben and Jerry's, Haagen Daz, and Baskin Robins. All the vendors had huge crowds except for poor Garelick. Unfortunately, they were placed right next to Coldstone's. People were waiting in front of Garelick for Coldstone's ice cream!


Here are my buddies with our cups stacked up.

I must have had at least 9 scoops of ice cream. Ugh...I was so sick by the end of the day...but it was sooo worth it. =)

The perks of church

#1: If rich people have a wedding on Saturday, you can take home all the left over flowers on Sunday!!! =)

My apartment smelled beautiful all week! (You can click on the pic for close-ups of the flowers.)