Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Inspired by my lovely sister's work, I decided to pick up my exacto knife and carve myself come stencils. I'm not as daring as she is when it comes to putting in shadows. I'm just gonna stick to the basics for now. Enjoy! My first stencil. It was totally black and white, although the sweater had some crazy designs, so I had to improvise for my beginner's level.

This was an add for the army out of the newpaper.

And I found this cutie online.

Fish tank goodies

My fish are sick again. =( BUT! I got some good medicine for them and some new plants. I hope they like it!

Here's Big Fin resting under the his bonsai. =)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Washington D.C.: Digestive Disease Week

Me and my postdoc in front of the treasury. (Sorry it's not the best picture...the photographer didn't understand that we wanted a picture of the treasury too.)
The segway tour of D.C. Lazy bums...
A memorial for the women that served in the civil war.
Washington Memorial
They have DUCK tours too!

Yes, I have Filipina pride.

Cute ducklings hanging by the Reflecting Pond.

Me and Songhua in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Reflecting Pond and Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.

Look! I'm first author!

At the Dancing Crab with Songhua, Dr. Yanaka, Dr. Nakamura, Dr. Tashima and his family. The crab was delicious, but I never wanna peel another crab ever again. I'd rather just have the meat.

MCATs are over!

Right after taking the MCATs, I had a hankering for shopping. Luckily, there was a shopping mall, right next door. So, I endulged in a cute white summer dress from AE. At first I was a bit skeptical of trying on the dress, because usually the bust is too big, or the dress is too long, but this one was PERFECT!

Next, I stopped by Frederick of Hollywood, requested by Carlos, of course. Inspired by my buddy's collection of corset (which I've only heard of and not seen) I decided to get one of my own. A cute little black corset with boning from top to bottom because I'm not exactly a busty person. Now that I'm an official corset owner, I recommend that each woman should own at least one! You will feel amazing in it. And if you're afraid of what to pick and what's best for you, no worries! Just ask a Fredrick's salesperson. Mine was extremely nice and tied up all the strings so that I wouldn't have to mess with it myself. I guess the only thing I would recommend is to eat a little something before you go in. After I had dinner and tried on my corset again, it barely fit. I actually had to loosen the strings a bit. Anyway, I love my corset. If you don't own one yet, get one!
To finish off my MCAT celebration and mark a new point in my life, I said goodbye to my locks.

Stay tuned for the new do.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Most interesting day in the past month

Yeah, my posts have been boring, but really, when I spend the whole day in the library, it doesn't leave much room for excitement.

With that said, my highlight of the day IS: the racoon and two skunks I saw roaming around my neighborhood block! Isn't that crazy?! In the middle a city? Who would have thought that you could find racoons and skunks! I got really excited when I saw them, because I'm pretty sure that I've never seen them in real life before! Carlos claims that I've seen a skunk before in Tennessee, but of course with my goldfish memory, that means that it never happened.

Other cool news: The weather was beautiful today, so Carlos and I enjoyed a little picnic on the quad. I got a chance to soak my blinding white legs in the sun. Oh, it felt soooo good.