Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy belated Earth Day!

My future Christmas Tree!!! Just imagine all the cute presents under this baby! Great gifts come in small packages. =D

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Um, I really wanted to write, but I don't have anything to write about. =P Bummer.

Ooo! But I must tell you that is a gorgeous day in Boston. We actually have a high of 64 degrees today! Guys are out in their shorts and girls in their five inch skirts. I had the luxury of enjoying some Mexican food with Carlos, on a patio, soaking up the sun and sporting my oversized glasses in a wife beater. I tell you, it almost felt like home. All I needed was a beach.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Have I always been bad at talking? I wonder because I feel that my speaking capabilities have declined emmensely over the past year. But I'm not sure if I've always been that way and just noticed it now.


If it has declined, I wonder why.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Don't you hate it when people you care about question your honesty? Your confidence? Your ability to make decisions?

Allow me to scoff in disgust. UGH!

Mood: Tired and annoyed. BUT! I'm trying to get over it by listening to good ol' Frank Zappa and reading the news. (Although, the latter may not be helpful especially when the front page is about two suicide bombings. I really don't understand these people. Why do they do this?)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Weekend

Carlos and I were pretty productive this weekend. We practically spent the entire weekend at his lab's library, where there's plenty of white light, is really quiet, and not a person around to bother us. For the first time in a few weeks, I actually studied on the weekend. Usually, I have this awesome study schedule for Saturday and Sunday, but I always end up getting side tracked with chores, eating, napping, and staring at my fish. know, the important stuff and in the end I really only read like a page out of my book.

Things I accomplished:
1. Took a full length test (minus the writing section)
2. Memorized my hormones
3. Became more familiar with physics equations
4. Memorized stuff about the nervous system
5. Spent quality time with my man. =)

As for Easter, I didn't end up painting eggs, but the thought was nice. Instead I doodled a reindeer and a wolf (they were images I saw on the library carpet - kinda like staring at clouds and making animals of them).

Mass was also really nice. I got all snazzed up in a dress that Daddy sent and some cute heels. Other than feeling good about myself (physically), I actually felt like my spirit was lifted and cleansed after mass. I never felt this before. Perhaps, I had been going to life half asleep an now I've finally woken up. This past lenten season, although I wasn't able to accomplish all my lenten sacrifices, my promise to pray everyday definitely opened my eyes. I reflected on my life - focusing on who and what is important, where I saw myself in the future, and how I can improve my life. I see an open field before me, free for me to roam and do as I please. Even though I have a lot to learn and see, at least now I am awake.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

"Surrender to death, to start a new life."
-Fr John Unni

He said to "surrender to death...stop fighting...surrender." Now there are a number of ways this could be taken. Obviously, Fr. John did not mean this literally, but metaphorically. Even so, I am not sure what part of my life needs to die. If anything I need to live more. Maybe my nonexporatory side and my worries need to die. Perhaps, my current job needs to "die" so I can "live" with a new job. I've already decided that giving up on my dream to be a doctor is NOT the one to die. I have worked way too hard to give that up now. Yeah, the worries got to go and the "que sera sera" part of me needs to be revived...brought back from the dead. That's how my life can be improved. Drop all the pretentiousness, all the pride, all the doubt, and just be.

Random questions about Good Friday:

  1. Why is it called Good Friday, when this is the day that we rejected the Lord, and condemned him to a crucifixion?
  2. Why does Daddy eat that bland mung bean soup only on this day?
  3. Although I fasted all day, is it ok that I gorged myself with a delicious non-meat Cheesecake Factory dish for dinner? This is probably why Daddy eats the mung bean soup. So he can't feel guilty about his Good Friday meal.
  4. Is there an official age when you should start fasting?

Anyway, I was thinking of boiling some eggs and painting them on Easter with Carlos. But how many do I boil? And who will eat all of them? I LOVE boiled eggs, but all those yolks will clog up my arteries. Maybe I'll just paint eggs on paper instead. It's a nice compromise. Too bad I don't have kids for egg hunting. Then when they come back with a basket of eggs in exchange for money or prizes, I tell them that they have to eat all the eggs before they can get their money. Lol, remember when they used to do that to us?

Happy Peeps eating!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Lately, Carlos and I have been playing a game I like to call Mess-Wus. It's like playing chicken, but with dirty dishes. So you start off with a clean, empty sink. As the meals pass, the dirty dishes, pots and pans, and glasses pile up. The way to win the game is avoid doing ANY dishes at all costs, which involves getting desperate at times.

Exhibit A: Carlos and I are having lunch, but we are out of glasses. Carlos picks up a glass from the sink that looks clean, sniffs it, nodds and then serves himself some water in that glass.

Exhibit B: I was studying and then Carlos came in the room with a Peanuts glass (courtesy of Sergio). Then he says, "Whoa, this is the first I ever used a Snoopy glass." Apparently, he subconciously avoids my cute glasses and prefers to drink out of the grown-up glasses.

Since I like using my Snoopy glassware, but refuse to drink out of a glass that looks "clean," when our cabinets are empty, I am crowned the Mess-Wus.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Magical Farts

My co-workers and I were at Boston Beer Works, enjoying a few blueberry-floating-lava-lamp-looking beers, a giant dish of nachos, and fried pickles. Yes, you heard me right fried pickles...If you like pickles, you'll prolly like them fried too.

Anyway, somehow my co-workers and I got into a conversation about farts and I HAD to share "my" story with them. This is how it went (down):

Me: "I have to tell you guys about Carlos' magical farts. They're magical because none of his farts smell!"
Justine: "None?!"
Me: "Not one."
Justine: "What does he eat? Does he have a special diet or anything?"
Me: "No, he and I eat the same things! His farts NEVER smell, and mine, well...." I innocently looked to the corner of my eyes and smirked.
Justine: " 'Well, you can fill in the blank.' "

Everyone was howling and laughing at the table. I totally set the trap up for myself and ended up beet red. But come on, whose farts don't smell (other than Carlos')?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Quick Update

  1. Big Fin is all better. No more poofy eyes, although I'm slightly worried about his tail because I think it looks shorter. Hopefully it's just me being paranoid.
  2. I got rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Why? Well, I have (bad?) astigmatism, and with the soft toric lenses, I couldn't read clearly when I looked down because they kept shifting out of place. So now although I can see even clearer with the RGPs, I can't comfortably look foward or up after blinking because it keeps shifting on my cornea. This gets really annoying because I can feel it. My eyes better get used to with these by the end of the week, or else I'm just gonna have to rely on my glasses for the rest of my life or save up for lasik eye surgery. *Please let it work!*
  3. Life is stressful. I took another verbal test and my score plumitted! (God, I hope this was just a mean April fool's prank.) Hopefully I'll get decent scores next time. =T I really want to make it to a decent med school!!!!
  4. One request: Please keep me and Carlos in your prayers, as you are always in mine. Pray for strength and guidance. Unfortunately, we are both in very tight situations, and need help to see the light. Thanks.

I hope your week goes well!

One more thing: Sometimes, after blogging, I like to surf random blogs by clicking on "Next Blog." Usually, I end up seeing visiting blogs that are really artistic. They have beautiful pictures of nature, or I'll end up on a couple's website and I get to see cute couply pictures, or I'll land up on a crafty blog and just browse through their crafty items. I also like it when I see a foreign blog, like from Mexico, Spain, or Germany, etc. But tonight for some reason after a couple good blogs, I ended up on some demented guy's blog with disturbing masochistic pictures. I quickly clicked out to see the next random blog and then some horny girl's blog pops up, followed by another horny girl's blog and that's when I just called it quits. I don't think I'm gonna randomly surf blogs for a while. *shivers* Darn you weird people that ruin fun and innocent browsing!