Monday, November 12, 2007


Since all the Harvard kids have midterms on or before Halloween, they had to create midterm-o-ween so they could all dress up and get butt drunk.

Here are some pics from the party:
This is me and Carlos as a lovely Bavarian couple. Yes, I made Carlos' costume too. =) Not bad eh?

This is Cressida, one of the girls that I knit with and the host. She sewed every single sequin on to her costume. Isn't she insane?

This is Mary (another fellow knitter), with her boyfriend. Can you guess what her costume is?

Lorena (knitter also), a power puff girl.

The goth couple (Dave and Haley)

President Adminijad (Mike) with uranium and one of his 72 (virgin) wives. Of course, he chooses the devil (Kathryn).

Dorothy (Joyce) and a burglar(?)(Dan)

Then we've got Pablo, proudly representing the only Olympic medal in Ecuador for speed walking. Carlos is loving this costume because that's all Mexico has too.

Here's Simon as one of the characters from Life Aquatic. (Not my favorite movie-I fell asleep)

It's JAZZERCISE TIME!!! Oh yeah!!!

And what is a party without the classy divorced couple, Britney and K-fed?

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!!
Happy Midterm-O-Ween!

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