Friday, September 14, 2007

My night in

This weekend is the BBS retreat. All the graduate science students get together at Province Town and talk science for 9-12 hours and then party all night. I'm expecting a call from Carlos some time this weekend that goes something like, "Honey, I'm sooo drunk. Ugh." repeated about four times. Then he'll tell me about the wild grad students gettin' it on with other grad students or even professors. After all that, I will silently hope that he didn't lock tongues with another female over there. I can be quite the jealous person and I will paint horrible, possible situations, but I have to just learn how to trust and take things lightly.

Anyway, I had a pretty good night tonight. I finally shipped out some DVDs to my sister. When I came back from the post office, I bought some sushi and milk tea boba for dinner. I also rented the girliest movie I know that Carlos would never agree to watch with me, "Because I Said So". The story is about an over-protective and controlling mother (Diane Keaton) who schemes to hook up her hopeless daughter (Mandy Moore) with a decent man. Towards the middle of the movie, Mandy finds herself falling for the average Joe, but Diane keeps pushing the successful man into her daughter's life and Mandy is torn between the two men. I really liked the movie. It's your typical chick flick and it's been a long while since I've seen one. So it was quite refreshing.

Next movie on my list: "Knocked Up". I'm not sure whether I want to see this with Carlos or not. My sister and her boyfriend loved the movie, so I might save it for him.

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jeannie said...

Knocked Up is a guy movie too! I think you should wait to see it with him!